pledge drive en KETR's Fall 2011 Pledge Drive <p>KETR&#39;s Fall Pledge Drive runs through Friday, October 14th, and Your Station needs your support.</p><p>Every day, we read correspondence via email, snail mail, and social networking telling us how much KETR is appreciated as a source of vital news and information, as well as entertainment and education! Nearly everyone we talk to tells the same story: that it&#39;s important to have a source of information that isn&#39;t held privately, and whose content isn&#39;t driven by the almighty dollar.</p><p>Our station has a dual-purpose, and it&#39;s defined in our mission:</p><blockquote><p>KETR is committed to providing the citizens of Northeast Texas and the Texas A&amp;M University-Commerce community with entertaining, educational and informative programming. The station also serves as a learning environment for university students to pursue excellence in radio broadcasting.</p></blockquote><p>All of the things we set out to do, whether it&#39;s helping to publicize your event, keeping you abreast of the weather, relaying up-to-the-minute local news, contributing to your &#39;nationally informed&#39; status with Morning Edition and All Things Considered, or even teaching and training the next generation of radio broadcasters... It&#39;s all bolstered by an operational budget provided by the Friends of KETR. YOU are the PUBLIC in PUBLIC RADIO.</p><p><a href="">Please make your contribution right away. Click here for the quick 2-minute form, and help secure KETR&#39;s place on the air in Northeast Texas. Give now, give generously, and thank you.</a> Fri, 07 Oct 2011 10:45:00 +0000 Jerrod Knight 9970 at KETR's Fall 2011 Pledge Drive