Tannerite http://ketr.org en Loud 'explosions' reported across region http://ketr.org/post/loud-explosions-reported-across-region <p>Social media exploded late Saturday night with reports of &#39;loud explosions&#39;&nbsp; and &#39;gun shots&#39; being heard across the region.</p><p>At about 11:20 Saturday night, a large &quot;boom&quot; was heard in Commerce and nearby areas. With a secondary explosion 30 minutes later. Social media was buzzing with many people wondering what was going on, with some fearing potential meteors or even earthquakes.</p><p>After receiving many calls, Commerce Fire and Police Departments were unable to locate any damage, or fires of any sort.</p><p>The cause? Tannerite.</p> Sun, 06 Oct 2013 07:03:43 +0000 Daniel Starks 43847 at http://ketr.org Loud 'explosions' reported across region