Orthodox http://ketr.org en Orthodox Christian Texans prepare for Christmas http://ketr.org/post/orthodox-christian-texans-prepare-christmas <p>Orthodox Christians in Texas and around the world celebrate the Feast of the Nativity - Christmas Day - on Jan. 7.</p><p>That's because Dec. 25 in the old Julian calendar falls on Jan. 7 using the newer Gregorian calendar - the one that's in common use today.</p><p>Orthodoxy, of course, isn't the most common form of Christianity in Northeast Texas. There is one Orthodox parish in the KETR listening area - <a href="http://www.orthodox.net/">St. Nicholas Orthodox Church</a> in McKinney.</p> Mon, 06 Jan 2014 22:09:02 +0000 Mark Haslett 47822 at http://ketr.org Orthodox Christian Texans prepare for Christmas