National Security
7:00 am
Sun January 15, 2012

New System For USS Cole Case At Guantanamo

Originally published on Sun January 15, 2012 6:29 pm



This is WEEKEND EDITION from NPR News. I'm Rachel Martin. This week, the alleged mastermind of the attack on the USS Cole in Yemen will be back in a military courtroom at Guantanamo. Guantanamo just marked a controversial milestone - the 10-year anniversary of its use as a detention center for suspected terrorists. NPR's Dina Temple-Raston is here with us now to talk about this week's hearing, 10 years at Guantanamo and what lies ahead for the prison. Dina, let's start out - tell us a little bit about the hearing that's happening this week.

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Around the Nation
7:00 am
Sun January 15, 2012

Righting The Wrong On MLK's Statue

"I was a drum major for justice, peace and righteousness." That sentence is inscribed on a statue of Martin Luther King Jr. in Washington, D.C. The problem? King never said those words, at least, not exactly. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar has given the National Park Service a deadline to correct the inscription. Host Rachel Martin has more.

Around the Nation
6:16 am
Sun January 15, 2012

America's Heartland Awaits Its Candidate

There's talk of reviving the shuttered paper mill in Brownstown, Ind. But for now, most rural residents have to travel bigger cities for work.
Debbie Elliott NPR

In this election year, an emerging theme coming from voters around the country is frustration with the tone of politics today. NPR's Debbie Elliott set out to revisit Brownstown, Ind., where she first talked with voters during the 1998 congressional elections, another acrimonious time.

Fourteen years ago, Anne Clodfelter was directing the Jackson County Homemakers Extension Chorus as they prepared for an upcoming concert.

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It's All Politics
6:15 am
Sun January 15, 2012

Aiming To Show Strength, Evangelicals May Achieve Opposite

Republican presidential candidate former U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum speaks to supporters after announcing that he was endorsed Saturday by the evangelical Christian leaders group.
Mark Wilson Getty Images

Originally published on Sun January 15, 2012 4:56 pm

The gathering of more than 100 evangelical Christian leaders and activists in rural Texas this weekend was an 11th-hour effort to unite "movement conservatives" behind a rival to Mitt Romney and demonstrate their own power within the Republican Party.

Instead, it may well be a revelation of their weakness as a force within the GOP. Because if Romney still wins the South Carolina primary next weekend, this final flailing attempt to stop him will make his victory all the more important — and his eventual nomination all the more inevitable.

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Fire safety
6:14 am
Sun January 15, 2012

Fire Marshall warns about electric heater safey recall

GREENVILLE - Greenville Fire Marshal Greg McDonald is asking citizens to check any Honeywell portable electric heaters they may be using, due to a safety recall issued by the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC).

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Presidential Race
5:11 am
Sun January 15, 2012

In S.C. GOP Forum, Romney Gets Implicit Jabs

Newt Gingrich arrives for a GOP presidential candidate forum Saturday in South Carolina. Gingrich had to be reminded of the rules not to mention rivals by name, but was still able to continue criticism of Mitt Romney.
Joe Raedle Getty Images

The GOP presidential candidate forum held Saturday in Charleston, S.C., was not exactly a debate. In fact, it was sort of the opposite of a debate.

The event was moderated by Fox News host and former presidential candidate Mike Huckabee. All the candidates except for Ron Paul attended, but they never actually shared the stage. They were explicitly prohibited from attacking — or even mentioning — each other.

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Latin America
5:00 am
Sun January 15, 2012

Brazil's Falling Birth Rate: A 'New Way Of Thinking'

Brazil's fertility rate has dropped dramatically over the past half-century and is now below that in the U.S. Here, women lie with their newborns at the Pro Matre maternity hospital in Rio de Janeiro.
Douglas Engle MCT/Landov

Brazil has undergone a demographic shift so dramatic that it has astonished social scientists. Over the past 50 years, the fertility rate has tumbled from six children per woman on average to fewer than two — and is now lower than in the United States.

Demographers say the fertility rate is declining because the country is richer and more urban, but they also point to Brazil's hugely popular soap operas and their portrayal of small, glamorous families.

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4:59 am
Sun January 15, 2012

Just A Few Months Old, S. Sudan Already In Turmoil

People who escaped ethnic violence in Jonglei state wait for food rations at a World Food Program distribution center on Thursday. South Sudan gained independence just six months ago, and already ethnic tensions inside the new country have forced tens of thousands to flee their homes.
Michael Onyiego AP

South Sudan gained independence just six months ago, but the country is already plagued by ethnic violence at home and ongoing tensions with its previous rulers in Sudan.

Potential humanitarian crises are brewing in both Sudans, and U.S. diplomats are sounding frustrated that the two are not talking to each other enough.

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Around the Nation
4:58 am
Sun January 15, 2012

Montana's Wide-Open Spaces Getting A Bit Crowded

Montana's wide-open spaces are slightly more crowded than they used to be, and not all residents are happy about sharing.
J. Stephen Conn Flickr

One of the nation's least densely populated states has hit a major milestone. Montana's population crossed over the 1 million person mark around the first of the year. While the governor says that's a good sign for the future, some residents say the state's already too crowded.

Fewer than 2,000 people live in Townsend, Mont., a small farming community surrounded by national forests and just south of the gigantic Canyon Ferry Reservoir.

At Penny's Breakfast Station, cook Amber Burchett fries up hash browns in the early afternoon.

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The Scorpion's Honey
12:00 am
Sun January 15, 2012

The Scorpion's Honey : The One-Armed Bandit

Warning.  Slot machines can be more dangerous than you think.