Drought-related funds
8:13 am
Fri January 13, 2012

Ag Commish announces water relief funds

2011 saw the worst Texas drought in 100 years.

AUSTIN — With an historic drought threatening to deplete entire water supplies in some rural Texas communities, Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples today announced the availability of funding to sustain and enhance water resources. 

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The Two-Way
8:05 am
Fri January 13, 2012

VIDEO: Eggs Fly As Apple Cancels Store Sales Of iPhone 4S In Beijing

Police tried to seal off the area as thousands of customers gathered outside an Apple store in Beijing's upmarket Sanlitun shopping district today.
AFP/Getty Images

Everybody knows things can get a little crazy at Apple stores in the U.S. when the company unveils a new product.

But things got extra crazy in Beijing today when a thousand or more would-be iPhone 4S customers gathered outside Apple's store. They got rather angry when they learned that the company was postponing its plan to start selling the new phone there.

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Prairiland ISD
7:47 am
Fri January 13, 2012

Watson earns Region 8 honors, to compete statewide


PATTONVILLE - A Lamar County educator will represent the Region 8 Education Service Center in the Texas Association of Secondary School Principals competition. 

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Alice Reese
7:44 am
Fri January 13, 2012

Movie Picks with Alice Reese, January 13 2012

Alice previews "Joyful Noise,"Contraband," "Iron Lady" and "Carnage."

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Texas A&M University-Commerce
7:17 am
Fri January 13, 2012

Jones delivers State of the University to kickstart 2012

Faculty and staff gather Thursday at Ferguson Auditorium to hear the Spring Assembly, held each January prior to the spring semester.

COMMERCE - Campus improvements were again on full display during Thursday’s Spring Assembly at Texas A&M University-Commerce, as another year has brought about more positive change. 

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It's All Politics
7:09 am
Fri January 13, 2012

New Mitt Romney Ad Defends His Bain Capital Career

Originally published on Fri January 13, 2012 10:57 am

Mitt Romney's campaign has a new TV ad meant to counter attacks on his career at private-equity firm Bain Capital, using the same defense it has ever since his rivals for the front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination started taking populist jabs at him.

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The Two-Way
6:55 am
Fri January 13, 2012

Stephen Colbert's Big News: He May Run For President Of South Carolina

Comedian Stephen Colbert's "big announcement" last night (which we previewed yesterday)?

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6:41 am
Fri January 13, 2012

New details possible in missing person's case

FANNIN COUNTY - Human skeletal remains which could be related to the case of a missing Fannin County resident have been sent for forensic testing.

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Around the Nation
6:30 am
Fri January 13, 2012

N.Y. Philharmonic Interrupted By Ringing Cell Phone

Originally published on Fri January 13, 2012 10:50 am



Good morning. I'm David Greene.

We've all heard the rule: Turn off your cell phone. Well, someone broke it this week at a performance of the New York Philharmonic.


GREENE: The iPhone Marimba ring tone had not been written into Mahler's Ninth Symphony. But there it was, chirping from the front row of the audience. The conductor was so incensed, he cut off the performance and waited for the iPhone to stop. The audience member was apparently not offered an audition.