Monkey See
11:04 am
Wed October 26, 2011

'Shame,' Sex And Violence: Can We Reclaim The NC-17 Rating?

Actor Michael Fassbender attends the 'Shame' premiere during the 55th BFI London Film Festival on October 14, 2011 in London, England.

Gareth Cattermole Getty Images for the BFI

Certain facts regarding movie ratings are not in dispute.

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Planet Money
11:00 am
Wed October 26, 2011

Why Has Income Gone Up So Much For The Top One Percent?


Income rose across the board for U.S. households over the past 30 years, according to a new report from the CBO. But it went through the roof for the households in the top one percent of the income distribution.

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All Tech Considered
10:39 am
Wed October 26, 2011

With The Flick Of A Switch, It's Crystal Clear To Hear

Arielle Schacter, 17, holds her hearing aid in a New York subway station. Hearing loop technology funnels a transit worker's voice into her ear, blocking out the subway noise behind her.
Ashley Milne-Tyte for NPR

Originally published on Sat November 26, 2011 1:06 am

For the more than 10 percent of Americans who have some form of hearing loss, mass transit can be frustrating, especially on a busy travel weekend like this one. Even if you wear a hearing aid, trying to hear in places like airports, theaters and places of worship can be tough.

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The Two-Way
10:19 am
Wed October 26, 2011

Community Board Backs 'Occupy' Protesters; Asks Them To Quiet Down

The local community board for the part of Manhattan where the Occupy Wall Street protests are being held voted Tuesday night to bless the occupation "within certain parameters," The Village Voice reports.

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The Salt
10:09 am
Wed October 26, 2011

Men Can Be Binge-Eaters, Too

Male binge eaters were more likely to be depressed and obese than men who didn't binge, a study found.

Getty Images

Originally published on Wed October 26, 2011 11:20 am

When we think of eating disorders, the classic image is a waif-thin, anorexic woman.

But here's a question for men: Do you find yourself fasting after eating too much? Or maybe pushing through an insanely long run or workout, trying to compensate for overeating through intense exercise?

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Shots - Health Blog
9:58 am
Wed October 26, 2011

Supporters Of Health Overhaul Look To Reclaim 'Obamacare'

President Barack Obama greets people outside the Old Market Deli in Cannon Falls, Minn., on the Aug. 15, during a Midwest bus tour. The same day he said he likes the term "Obamacare."

Samantha Appleton The White House

Originally published on Wed October 26, 2011 11:33 am

"Thanks Obamacare." Sounds like sarcasm, right?

Sure, opponents of the federal law overhauling health care tagged it with the "Obamacare" moniker to belittle the measure even before it had passed.

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9:35 am
Wed October 26, 2011

Bulldogs' presumed win upheld by committee

PARIS - Officials have come to a conclusion on the outcome of last Friday’s high school football game between the Cooper Bulldogs and Como-Pickton Eagles.

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The Two-Way
9:32 am
Wed October 26, 2011

Sales Of New Homes Rose In September As Builders Cut Prices

Originally published on Wed October 26, 2011 9:35 am

There was a 5.7 percent increase in sales of new homes in September from August, the Census Bureau and the Department of Housing and Urban Development report.

The 313,000 (at an annual rate) pace was still down 0.9 percent, however, from a year earlier.

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The Two-Way
9:20 am
Wed October 26, 2011

Alcohol Killed Amy Winehouse, Coroner Rules

Amy Winehouse in 2007.

Matt Dunham AP

There were no illegal drugs in singer Amy Winehouse's system when she died on July 23, a British coroner reported today.

Instead, the troubled 27-year-old suffered "death by misadventure" — a drinking binge.

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The Two-Way
8:50 am
Wed October 26, 2011

Army Ranger On 14th Deployment Killed In Afghanistan

Sgt. 1st Class Kristoffer B. Domeij.

U.S. Army Special Operations Command

Originally published on Wed October 26, 2011 8:58 am

This young man's death says a lot about how much has been asked of the nation's men and women in uniform and their families since Sept. 11, 2001:

Sgt. 1st Class Kristoffer B. Domeij, 29, was killed on Saturday in Kandahar Province, Afghanistan, by an improvised explosive device, according to the U.S. Army Special Operations Command.

"He was on his 14th combat deployment to Afghanistan in support of the War on Terror," the statement adds.

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