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Dr. John Mark Dempsey is an associate professor of radio-television at A&M-Commerce and head of the Department of Mass Media, Communication and Theatre.  He works part-time as a news announcer-producer for the Texas State Network in Dallas.  Dr. Dempsey was the first student to broadcast on KETR and the first to broadcast Commerce Tigers football on the station.

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Sally Rhodes, nutritionist with the Hunt Regional Medical Center, discusses the value of energy bars, which she says are good for an occasional meal replacement, but not on an everyday basis.  She says they tend to have too much sugar.  She's much more critical of energy drinks, which she says have much too much sugar and caffeine.  She recommends sweet tea or coffee as an alternative to energy drinks, and fruit, nuts, peanut butter and stri

City of Commerce
City of Commerce

City of Commerce Events and Tourism Coordinator Sherry Johnson says the city council is considering the construction of a larger and improved Farmers Market structure because of the growth and success of the Saturday morning event.  Sherry says about a third of the vendors come from outside the city for the Farmers Market.  And Mayor Dr. John Ballotti says discussions continue about a possible bond election in 2016 to support major improvements at the Commerce Public Library.

Hunt County Shared Ministries
Hunt County Shared Ministries

Hunt County United Way executive director Frances Dalbey says Hunt County Shared Ministries, or FISH, holds a "best of the best" barbecue Friday at the Wesley United Methodist Church on Highway 69 East in Greenville.  The event features the best barbecue and sides in Hunt County, as voted by a panel of judges.  The barbecue will be available Friday for lunch and dinner.  Frances says the United Way raised more than $25,000 for its own Hearts and Hands fund raiser last month.

Commerce Community Cares
Commerce Community Cares

Dick Latson with Commerce Community Cares says the charitable organization holds its annual kickoff event at 6 p.m. Monday evening at the Ben E.

Rick Miller with the Center for Applied Leadership discusses a recent segment of "CBS This Morning," based on a Wall Street Journal article about procrastination, in which social psychologist Heidi Grant Halvorson says that procrastination is caused not by laziness but by stress.  One way to fight procrastination, she says, is to break intimidating tasks down into manageable pieces.

Derek Price with Greenshoot Media in Commerce, who writes a syndicated column on new cars, says one of the major trends is the subcompact crossover SUV, which has the gas mileage of a subcompact car and carrying function of an SUV.

Paul Voss, the manager of the Commerce Chamber of Commerce, says the 30th annual Bois D'Arc Bash in Commerce may be the biggest yet, with Hannah Kirby, star of "The Voice," scheduled to appear on Saturday night, September 26 on the square.  Paul says the Bash -- which celebrates the native bois d'arc tree -- was the brainchild of ET English professor Dr. Fred Tarpley, along with Jim Conrad, Jerry Lytle and Rick Vanderpool.

Business consultant and East Texas State/A&M-Commerce alumnus Randy Pennington says its vital for businesses to constantly monitor social media, especially for negative comments, to which businesses should respond immediately.  Randy is the CEO of the Pennington Group of Dallas.

Greenville Chamber of Commerce
Greenville Chamber of Commerce

Pud Kearns with Housewarmers of Greenville says September is a busy month, with the annual Rally Round Greenville event Friday and Saturday, September 18-19; auditions the evening of Tuesday, September 22 for the "Haunted Landmark" Halloween attraction weekends in October; and a fund-raiser for Hunt County Shared Ministries (FISH) featuring the best barbecue menu items in Hunt County from 11-1 and 5:30-7:30 Friday, September 25 at Wesley United Methodist Ch

Hunt County Master Gardener Stephanie Suesan Smith says once the worst of the summer heat is over, it'll be time to plant lettuce, greens, beets, radishes, carrots, turnips, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and other cool season crops in Northeast Texas.  Stephanie says it's good to mix 2-3 inches of compost into the ground and fertilize.

Carol Taylor, the chairman of the Hunt County Historical Commission, discusses the biography of Greenville native Robert Neyland, the long-time head football coach at the University of Tennessee and a brigadier general in World War II.  Neyland won four national championships at Tennessee, and the 100,000-seat football stadium there was designed by him and is named for him. Alongside Audie Murphy, is Robert Neyland Hunt County's most accomplished person?

September is Recovery Month, and Texas A&M University-Commerce associate professor of counseling Dr.

Rick Miller of the Center for Applied Leadership discusses the "myth of multitasking," in which we may kid ourselves that we're able to do several things at once, and do them all well.  One strategy for making better use of your time is to have only one priority every day; while you may do other things, the priority is the one thing that must be done and be done well.

Pud Kearns with Housewarmers of Greenville and Bras for the Cause says it's time to start fashioning creative entries for the annual event, Thursday evening, October 8 in downtown Greenville.  The artfully designed bras receive votes for $1 each, and last year the event raised $109,000 for cancer programs at the Hunt Regional Medical Center.