Luke Clayton

'Outdoors' Host

Outdoors writer/radio host/book author Luke Clayton has been addicted to everything outdoors related since his childhood when he grew up hunting and fishing in rural northeast Texas. Luke pens a weekly newspaper column that appears in 34 Texas newspapers and is Editor at Large for Extreme Hog Hunter Magazine, Bowhunting Adventures and East Texas Outdoors Magazine and field editor for Dallas Safari Club "Camp Talk" publication.  Luke is on the pro staff of Mathews Bows, Smokin' Tex Electric Smokers, and GhostBlind. Follow his columns and listen to his weekly radio show throughout the year and you'll surely get exposed to many facets of the outdoor life. 

Bob Lusk talks about private pond management and gives tips on fall and winter feeding.

Private waters fishery biologist Bob Lusk ( is Luke's guest this week. Bob talks about private pond management and gives tips on fall and winter feeding. 

Dean Stovall poses with an Elk the Luke and crew got on the first day of the trip.
Luke Clayton

Luke has joined some friends in the Colorado Rockies to hunt Elk. Along the way, he paused to share some of the experience with us as we hear a few details recorded at different times during the excursion. Luke shares some great camp cooking tips, hurdles to overcome with a successful kill on the mountain, and even the impact of mother nature.

Many duck blinds on Caddo lake have been in place for over 100 years, they are as much a part of Lake Caddo as the cypress trees. Texas Parks and Wildlife has decreed that the blinds on the north side of the lake within the wildlife management area must b
Luke Clayton

Luke visits with long time Caddo Lake guide Billy Carter and discusses the TPWD (Texas Parks and Wildlife) decision to remove some century old duck blinds on Caddo Lake.

A couple of Luke's hunting buddys with the Nite Site mounted above the rifle scope and the Nite Site spotter for scanning into the darkness. This big boar was taken at 95 yards in pitch darkness with the Nite Site.
Luke Clayton

This week, Kenny Richardson with Nite Site (  joins Luke and discusses some state of art technology that will help put wild pork in the freezer.

The Syclops and Little Wolf Spoons are lethal for catching a variety of fish, especially white bass and stripers.
Luke Clayton

Lake Fork Guide Seth Vanover joins Luke this week and discusses "finesse" fishing for several species. Tune in and learn why many white bass anglers are missing the boat by not fishing with spoons.

Cleon Carraway pictured with one of his elk bugles fashioned from a cow horn.
Luke Clayton

Veteran call maker Cleon Carraway is Luke's guest this week. Tune and and learn from one of the best call makers and game callers in the state. 

Lake Cooper guide Tony Parker shows off a nice size hybrid striper from Lake Cooper.
Luke Clayton

This week, veteran guide Tony parker joins Luke and discusses the red hot fishing at Lake Cooper for hybrid stripers and white bass.

Happy Opener of Deer Season! In today's show, Luke visits with guide Seth Vanover about a red hot crappie bite underway at Lake Fork. There's also lots of deer hunting talk.
Seth Vanover, Luke Clayton

Luke visits with Lake Fork Fishing guide Seth Vanover this week to discuss catching big coolers full of good eating channel catfish.

Luke Clayton hooked this Walleye, and before he could reel it in, a 41 Inch Pike grabbed a hold of it!
Luke Clayton

A lifelong dream of Luke Clayton's was realized when he took a trip to explore the Northern woods of Canada.

Deer, duck, and crappie all on the topic list today
Garett Gabriel - /

The first case of CWD (Chronic Wasting Disease) was discovered earlier in the week in a whitetail deer on a deer breeding operation in Texas. Larry Weishuhn (Mr. Whitetail) who is an A & M trained wildlife biologist as well as a hunting celebrity, joins Luke this week to discuss CWD.

Luke and Pat Babcock with Cree River Lodge show off one of many big northern Pike landed on a recent trip.
Luke Clayton

Luke just returned from Cree River Lodge up in Saskatchewan where he enjoyed some of the best fishing of his career for northern pike, walleye and arctic grayling. Eddie Sparks also joins in to give some big striper catching tips in the Red River below the Lake Texoma Spillway. You'll also learn about a Texas based Crappie tournament trail in todays show.

Brad Fenson with a monster pike he landed at Cree River Lodge.
Luke Clayton

When this weeks outdoor show airs, Luke will be up in northern Saskatchewan at Cree River Lodge ( fishing for giant northern pike, walleye and Arctic Grayling. Luke's friend and well known outdoors writer Brad Fenson joins the chat. Brad paints a very good picture of what a day at Creek River Lodge is like

Luke speaks of post-flood fishing on Lake Fork with Seth Vanover this week, as well as sharing insights on Luke's upcoming book on hunting wild hogs.
Luke Clayton

Lake Fork guide Seth Vanover joins Luke this week for an update on Lake Fork fishing, post flood and Luke talks about some of the things he has learned while in the process of writing his new book on hunting wild hogs.

Lake Fork guide Seth Vanover (right) and Billy Kilpatrick show off one of many channel catfish landed last week.
Luke Clayton

This week Luke visits with Lake Fork guide Seth Vanover  ( and learns Seth's catch and release live bait tactics for catching bass. Next we will head up to Lake Texoma and check in with guide Larry Sparks ( and learn about some exciting striper fishing in the Red River below the dam. 

A Hog recently caught by expert trapper Donald Kelly.
Donald Kelly

Luke visits with veteran hog trapper Donald Kelly from the Cooper area. Donald has almost three decades of experience trapping wild hogs. In this week's show, he divulges some of his best kept trapping secrets.