125 lbs of pot confiscated in latest bust

Greenville – Three people were arrested in Greenville following a traffic stop that nets over 125 pounds of marijuana.

47-year-old Sandra Monday, 33-year old Michael Anthony Halliburton, and 37-year old Craige Jerome Preston were arrested following the stop along Interstate 30.

Two vehicles were involved in the incident, traveling eastbound and reportedly speeding and driving aggressively.

Greenville officer Robert Pemberton was able to pull over one vehicle, driven by Monday, and requested officers to be-on-lookout for the other.

After pulling over the vehicle, which had West Virginia license plates, Monday gave consent to search the car. Pemberton then discovered cellophane wrapped bundles of marijuana.

Meanwhile, officers with the Hopkins County Sheriff Office were able to pull over the other suspicious vehicle, driven by Halliburton, with Preston, the passenger. The two men, along with Monday, were believed to be participating in an organized crime.

All three were charged with possession of marijuana. Preston is said to have been arrested for felony possession of cocaine less than a year ago.

More than $4,000 in cash was seized, along with the marijuana.