$4 million road project to take shape in 2012

Dec 14, 2011

BONHAM - A nearly two mile stretch of Highway 121 in Bonham will extend from two to four lanes as presented by TxDot to council members on Monday.

The improvement would mean the elimination of the current roadway’s middle turn lane, and instead provide a raised 16-foot divider, enhancing safety by separating traffic in opposite directions. The divider would also allow for an area where the city can install attractive landscaping features, if desired.

The extension runs north and south from State Highway 56 to U.S. Highway 82. Development planned for that area also helped in the decision from TxDot.

Preliminary plans call for turn lanes at eight different locations, separated by approximately 1,000 feet apiece. The $4 million project is expected to begin in July 2012, and will take about a year to complete.