Active Shooter training course to be held<BR>at Texas A&M University-Commerce

Commerce – The Department of Risk Management at Texas A&M University-Commerce beginning Tuesday will be offering an active shooter training course.

The training, to provide information and protection against an active shooter on campus, is part of the University's Crisis Management Plan.

Risk Management Director Jeff McMurray says participants will be instructed on what types of things to look for if such an event takes place, the decision that one must make in those key few seconds, and how to way certain factors in order to better make those decisions.

McMurray says the priority of the course is to help people make the best decisions in order to stay alive.

'You want to help those that need help, but you can't do that if you haven't made the right decisions to protect yourself,'' says McMurray.

The training will instruct you on how to react if by yourself, and/or with a group of people. It will also teach you how to respond and communicate with first responders; usually police officers.

According to McMurray, the Active Shooter Training is also being offered at Texas A&M University, and is recommended for all universities within the A&M System.

The course will be offered Tuesdays from 9:30 - 10:15 in Education South, room 101. Those interested are asked to contact Shawntay Carrier in Human Resources to reserve at spot, at 903-468-3021.

There is no specific length to the amount of days this course will be offered. McMurray does say, however, that he expects this training to continue through next year so everyone has a chance to participate.

This course is currently being offered to University Faculty and Staff only. McMurray does say, however, they will soon be offering this training to students.