Additional census figures show mainly growth

– The Northeast Texas region experienced slow to moderate growth over the past decade, according to the latest figures by the U.S. Census Bureau.

Earlier this week, we reported that Hunt County had experienced a 12 percent gain in population over the past decade.

Elsewhere throughout the region, Hopkins County grew by 3,201 residents, or ten percent, for a total of 35,161. The City of Sulphur Springs added fewer than 900 residents for about a six percent jump to 15,449. Cumby grew by 161, while Como added 81 residents.

The largest city in Lamar County declined in population over the past decade, while its closest neighbor grew significantly. Paris lost 727 residents since 2000, for a total of 25,171 and a percentage difference of 2.8. Meanwhile, Reno experienced a population increase of 14 percent, adding 399 residents for a total of 3,166. The City of Blossom added 55 residents in the same span.

Two of Fannin County's three largest cities grew, while the county as a whole added over 2,600 residents for an 8.5 percent difference. Bonham grew by 137 people, or 1.3 percent, to 10,127. The City of Leonard also added 144 residents. Honey Grove lost 78 residents.

Rains County grew by 19 percent with an additional 1,775 residents. The county's total population was 10,914. Their largest city, Emory, added 218 residents, or 21 percent, for a total of 1,239.