A&M-Commerce Presidential finalists forwarded <BR> to the A&M System Chancellor

Commerce, TX –

The following is a release sent to Texas A&M University-Commerce employees Friday by Dr. David Crenshaw, chairman of the Presidential Search Committee:

The Presidential Search Advisory Committee (PSAC) spent a long 2 days conducting off-campus interviews with a small number of applicants. The interviews went well and we had indeed identified some very talented and superior candidates.

Late Monday evening, the committee winnowed the list to a smaller number and identified strengths and possible limitations to success for each of the recommended candidates. This list was placed into a report to the Chancellor and it along with a cover letter from the Chair of the committee was shipped overnight to the Chancellor.

We now wait for the Chancellor to prepare his recommendations to the Board of Regents. The Board will then review the Chancellor's recommendations and make a selection. Then and only then will this candidate's identity be made known to the public.

Arrangements will be made locally to welcome the candidate for on-campus interviews. Ample ability for all interested individuals to meet the candidate will be arranged. Comments will be entertained and recommendations made. If it is a good fit for the candidate and the university, we will have identified our new President.

If all goes as planned, the Board will name the new President and after the statutory 21 day period it will be official.

The PSAC has taken its charge very seriously and has identified candidates whom they feel any one of which could be an outstanding President. We thank you for the privilege of serving in this most important stage in the history of Texas A&M University-Commerce.