Animal control reports coyote sightings

Feb 24, 2012

GREENVILLE - The City of Greenville Animal Control has recently received information about numerous sightings of coyotes in some areas of Greenville.

Animal Control would like to remind citizens that February is usually breeding season for coyotes and they are more active at this time of the year. Normally coyotes will be most active during dusk and dawn, but it is not unusual to spot them in the daylight hours either. The best way to prevent coyotes from living in neighborhoods is to take precautions to NOT feed them. The following steps can be taken to discourage coyotes and other wildlife from living in your neighborhood.

1. Do not leave pet food or water outside overnight. Feed pets only what they will eat at one time and then pick up the leftover food.

2. Do not put garbage out on the curb overnight. Store garbage in a sturdy container with a tight fitting lid.

3. Compost in enclosed bins instead of exposed piles.

4. Clean up around bird feeders. Coyotes will eat seed and corn dropped on the ground and if the feeder is reachable, they will eat out of the bird feeder.

5. Keep all pets indoors at night, especially small dogs and cats. If coyotes are spotted in the area, it is a good idea to watch small dogs and cats when they are outside during daylight hours.

6. Do not allow pets to roam free. Keep them confined to your house or your yard.

7. Spay or neuter your dogs.

8. If a coyote is found in your yard, make a lot of noise or spray the animal with water to drive it away. Negative experiences with humans will help prevent coyotes from making their homes in neighborhoods.

Although the Greenville Animal Control does not trap healthy wild animals, officers will respond to calls of wild animal that appear to be sick or injured. The Hunt County Trapper may also be called at 903-217-4329 for assistance in control of wild animals For more information, contact Animal Control at 903-4567-2990.