Arrests made in string of recent burglaries

Jan 8, 2012

GREENVILLE - A special investigation by Greenville Police has led to the arrest of two persons in connection with a string of recent burglaries.

According to police, the December crimes appeared to have had similar characteristics. Then four more burglaries occurred on January 3 that also appeared to be similar.

Neighbors would then share information with authorities that led to the recovery of a video security tape from a homeowner and helped police identify the suspect vehicle. On January 5, the suspect vehicle was spotted within minutes of yet two more burglaries in the southern portion of the city.

Arrested were 17-year-old Kale Alexander Beneke and 17-year-old Miles Kenneth Kent after a traffic stop led to the recovery of multiple items from the burglary.

The investigation then led to a search warrant being executed in the 2100 block of Stanford Street. Several large screen television sets and other electronics that had been reported stolen were recovered from this residence as well as a sizeable amount of suspected marijuana that was packaged for re-sale. 22-year-old Jesse Abram Gomez was arrested at the residence on the suspected possession of marijuana in a drug-free zone.

Investigators were able to identify other locations where possible stolen items from the burglaries may have been taken and were able to recover additional items through voluntary surrender of the property.