The battle against West Nile continues in Commerce

Commerce – Mosquito spraying continues this week throughout Commerce. The spraying will be conducted the third week of each month until mosquitoes are no longer a problem. That likely will mean spraying through August, according to Commerce City Manager Bill Shipp. Shipp also said the city has had several reports of dead birds and questions concerning testing the birds for West Nile. Shipp said the tests were unnecessary.

SHIPP: Well, we're not testing for West Nile anymore in dead birds because basically what we said is, "West Nile is here." There's no point in testing because we know its in our area. So, all I would say is that we need to take precautions. Certainly, what the city is doing is spraying to eliminate the mosquito problem to the extent that we can. But I would also encourage all citizens and everyone to take precautions they need to take.

For more information of mosquito spraying in your area and tips to protect yourself from mosquito bites, visit the City of Commerce website at