Big bust in Cumby

Cumby – Police in Cumby Monday seized $223,000 and nearly 13 pounds of cocaine. Two women and a man from Michigan were taken into custody after police found the cash and drugs in the trunk of their car after a routine traffic stop. Police said all three will be charged unless one of them claims the cocaine during questioning.

Cumby Police Sgt. Charlie Walker stopped the car around 4am Monday for going 70 in a 65. Hopkins County deputies arrived shortly after the stop to assist. Walker said he noticed a marijuana leaf tattoo on the arm of the driver, received conflicting reports on the nature of the trip from the three people in the car, and smelled a sweet smell in the car he believe to be a masking agent. Walker asked to search the vehicle and was given permission to do so. He found $223,000 in cash and 12.7 pounds of cocaine in the trunk.