The Big Friday Night Scoreboard Program- Week 3

Sep 20, 2013

Both Commerce and opponent Pleasant Grove were looking to get back on the winning track Friday night, but only one team would claim the win.

The first half displayed a fairly even match between the Hawks and Tigers, with a halftime score of Commerce- 14, Pleasant Grove - 9. The second half, however, was more of a comedy of errors, with each team racking up the fumbles and turnovers. Only The Hawks were able to put up any points in latter part of the match, taking a 1 point lead over Commerce.

The final score: Commerce- 14, Pleasant Grove - 15

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Commerce has some time to regroup, with a Bye-Week coming up.  KETR will bring you a special Game Of The Week on September 27, along with The Big Friday Night Scorebaord Program, only on 88.9 and