<B>KETR listeners, <I> THANKS </I> for your patience! </B>

There's a reason more of you went to the website this week-necessity!

From KETR General Manager Bill Oliver- Keep your fingers crossed!

KETR FM-88.9 returned on-air Friday afternoon. The KETR transmitter died Tuesday morning.

My personal thanks begin with Engineer Robert Goodwin for his tireless efforts diagnosing the damage and repairing the transmitter. A sudden increase in electricity through the transmitter, either from lightning strikes or a power surge, blew up several transmitter components over the 3 day period.

In addition to 3 cheers for Robert, I also want to thank Texas A&M University-Commerce President Dr. Keith McFarland, Vice President for Institutional Advancement Sylvia Kelley, Purchasing Director Bert White, and Facilities Director David McKenna for letting KETR respond on an emergency basis.

Just in case the electrical gremlins strike again, remember you can listen to KETR online. And in Commerce and Cooper, cable TV subscribers can hear KETR on Channel 3.