Black Ops II Release Takes Country By Storm

Dec 8, 2012

The long awaited sequel to the extremely popular Call Of Duty: Black Ops II has finally arrived, and has received much hype and a lot of buildup leading up to its release. Does it deserve all the attention it's getting?

The single player gameplay takes place in the futuristic world of 2025, making full use of science fiction-esque technology as a group of American Special Forces operatives try to spot a global terrorist organization. The single player aspect is quite spectacular, but the question on most people’s minds is: “How is the online multiplayer?” and the answer to that would be: “Solid.”  

Granted there have been a few frustrating bugs, which is the case with most new games upon being released upon the masses, but future updates to the game should remedy such problems. Overall, the game offers many customization options for your online player, and is a well-balanced title. If you are considering buying this game as a gift for someone, keep in mind that it is rated M for mature, which means the in game content may not be suitable for anyone under 17 years of age.