Bob Livingston opens up about his music career, life, and projects

Jun 21, 2012

Matt Meinke speaks with a pioneer of progressive country and the "Austin Sound," and plays some of the iconic songs he's been involved in. 

With a music career that spans more than 4 decades, Bob Livingston has a plethora of interesting stories to tell. Livingston was a founding member of the long-lived "Lost Gonzo Band," and his early years in music were spent with other Texas up-and-comers such as Ray Wylie Hubbard, Michael Martin Murphy and Jerry Jeff Walker. 

Meinke talks to Livingston about the key times in Bob's music career, plus tales of his international music tours, and much more. Recordings of old and new are also featured. Originally aired June 21, 2012 on Notably Texan.