Bomb Wounds Dozens Of U.S. Soldiers In Afghanistan

Sep 11, 2011

At least 77 American soldiers are wounded after a truck bomb targeted a base west of Kabul. Two separate roadside bombs have killed 10 Afghan civilians.

At an American military base in Wardak Province, a truck full of firewood rammed into the main gate before exploding in flames and shrapnel. Military officials said a blast wall absorbed most of the impact, but nearly 100 Afghan and American personnel suffered injuries. Wardak borders the Afghan capital, Kabul, but the province is considered to be partially under Taliban control.

Women and children are among the dead in the two blasts on Saturday that had no obvious military targets. One was in restive Paktika Province, along the border with Pakistan. The other bomb struck in northern Kunduz Province.

American officials held commemorations of Sept. 11, 2001, on Sunday, while the Taliban issued a statement denouncing the invasion 10 years ago.

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