Bonham Council approves funding for new shelter

Bonham – The Bonham City Council voted 4-2 Monday in favor of a proposed animal shelter for Fannin County. As a result, the city budget will now incur a $3 per capita increase helping to fund $30,000 for the new facility each year.

The current Bonham animal shelter, which costs no more than $8,000 each year to maintain, will discontinue services.

According to Fannin County Judge Eileen Cox, the county is awaiting cooperation from all cities before moving forward.

Cities like Bonham, with over 1,000 residents, were asked for a $3 per capita increase while cities like Savoy, with under 1,000 residents, were asked for a $1 increase. The latest indication from Savoy was that it will wait to see a final dollar figure for the shelter before agreeing to help fund it.

Bonham City Councilman John Burnett was one of two council members to vote down the $30,000 fee Monday, saying the price is too much and unfair when compared to what's being asked of other cities. He even moved to contribute $10,000 annually but the motion failed to win a majority vote.

County residents have expressed interest in a new facility, donating approximately $190,000 to the cause. A grant worth $40,000 was also recently awarded, according to Judge Cox.