Bonham voters to again decide on bond package

Bonham – The Bonham ISD is hoping a third time is the charm when they ask voters to again approve a bond package for facility improvements.

The BISD Board, by a 5-2 vote, called for an item to be placed on the November ballot during Monday's meeting. While in general discussion the board unanimously agreed that a bond should be called, Press Cox and Chad Burnett opposed a motion calling for renovations to I.W. Evans and Bonham High School with the addition of an Ag Barn and Multi-Purpose Facility for the approximate amount of $27.1 million.

Another meeting will determine the exact layout of the bond package before it is finalized.

The decision came as the result of multiple meetings of the Facility Improvement Committee, who had overwhelmingly suggested a November election and improvements specifically to I.W. Evans and BHS. Unlike previous years, this November's ballot item will ask voters for an Ag Barn and a Multi-Purpose facility consisting of areas for fine arts, athletics and physical education.

Prior to Monday's approval of the $27 million bond election, School Board and Facility Committee members were polled on a series of items to formulate the best possible bond proposal. 70 people said they would support a bond issue not to exceed $25 million, while only five people said no and ten did not respond. There was less support for a bond issue not to exceed $30 million.

In May, voters narrowly rejected a $25 million bond package that asked for improvements just for I.W. Evans and BHS. An even large bond package was soundly defeated by Bonham voters in November 2009.