Boy killed in house fire

Sulphur Springs – A 3 year old Sulphur Springs boy was killed Sunday in a house fire. Mike and Beth West were able to save two of their three children in the house after fire broke out early Sunday morning, but raging flames kept them from being able to reach 3 year old Cayden.

Beth West was reportedly the only one awake when fire broke out in the house. She alerted Mike, who was able to exit the house through a window, suffering several cuts in the process, and rescue two of three children in the house. He attempted to go back in the house for Cayden, but the heat and smoke prevented him. Beth West was hospitalized with severe burns firefighters believe she sustained trying to reach Cayden's room.

A 4th child, Cayden's twin brother Connor, was staying with his grandparents at the time of the fire.

Investigators are still examining the cause of the blaze.