Causes determined for two of three recent fires


– New information has emerged concerning three recent fires in Commerce. Commerce Fire Chief Tommy Eaton says last week's fire at Creekside Manor Apartments along Culver Street is the only one still under investigation. Three apartments were damaged in the blaze, but there were no injuries. The seven displaced are said to have been re-located by either the apartment complex or the American Red Cross.

Last month's Ponderosa Apartment fire is believed to be an electrical fire. 25 people from 8 families were displaced, as nine units were lost in the blaze. There were no injuries. Those individuals are also believed to have been re-located throughout the complex.

An electricity issue is also being blamed on the house fire on Sycamore Street which killed two last month. 14 people were residing in the house at the time, and the remaining twelve are now believed to be either staying with family or at another rental home. Chief Eaton noted the old age and wiring in the house that could have played a role in the fire. In his opinion, older homes using today's electronics aren't designed to handle the load they carry, sometimes causing overheating and electrical shorts. He says residents should avoid overloading outlets as a precaution.