Child endangerment arrests in Greenville

Greenville, TX –

From a news release sent by the City of Greenville:

Saturday morning at approximately 11:40 a.m. Greenville police officers stopped a U-Haul Truck in the 2500 block of Hillcrest for a traffic violation. Two adult males, ages 18 and 20, one 43-year old adult female and one 14-year old female child were in the front seat of the truck. The driver stated that he did not have a Texas driver's license. Officers requested permission from the driver to look inside the closed area of the U-Haul and permission was granted.

While searching the rear of the U-Haul, two male children, ages 10 and 12 were discovered sleeping. Also in the U-Haul was a 6-month old pit bull. According to officers, there was no way for the children to get out of the rear of the U-Haul in the event of an emergency nor was there any type of food or air circulation. At the time the vehicle was stopped, the outside temperature was 77 degrees. Officers also noticed that that portion of the U-Haul was completely dark and that there were several large items of furniture that were not secure and could have fallen on the children.

The two adult males and the adult female were taken into custody for Abandoning or Endangering a Child and transported to the Greenville Police Department for booking. They were then transferred to the Hunt County Jail. Child Protective Services was notified and the three children were placed in their custody. Charges against the three adults will be filed in Hunt County District Court.