Christmas Eve Road Rage

Dec 28, 2011

A Christmas Eve shooting is being investigated by the Hunt County Sheriff’s office.

 Reportedly, the victims, ages 16 & 18, were westbound on State Highway 66 shortly after 10 p.m. Saturday when they turned around and headed east. As the car reached the intersection of FM 1570, the vehicle was approached from the rear by a white truck. An eastbound red passenger car was then reported to have passed both vehicles, pulled in front of the girls’ car, and came to an abrupt stop. A passenger exited the car and walked toward the victim’s car, which pulled out and passed the red car. The man on foot then opened fire on the girls’ vehicle, which was hit twice. Investigators found a .45 caliber round inside the passenger compartment. Neither girl was hurt. Investigators are still searching for the driver of the white truck to see if he witnessed the incident, and anyone who may have information concerning the shooting is asked to contact the Hunt County Sheriff’s office at 903-453-6800.