CISD focuses on budget

Commerce – The Commerce Independent School District began budget studies last week. Property values all across Hunt County rose recently, but the impact has been minimal for both the City of Commerce and Commerce Schools. Superintendent Keith Boles said he expects another tight budget year, but the district should be a bit better off than last year.

BOLES: I will say that we're looking better than we have the last couple of years where we've actually had to cut staff; and this year it doesn't look like we're going to have to do that. It looks like we're actually going to be ok, it's just going to be tight.

Preliminary tax rolls show a growth of just over 6%, which is approximately what CISD had built initial budget numbers around, but is lower than the growth the past few years in Commerce, according to Boles.

BOLES: The past couple of years, with a couple of industries coming on-line like Hydro, it has increased the property values more than that. But 5-6% is about average on a year to year basis. So we were right in the ballpark of where we thought we'd be.

The preliminary tax rolls are subject to appeals, and with widespread raises, it remains to be seen how many residents will be appealing their raises in taxes. Final tax rolls will be released in July.