City in favor of county waste disposal site

Commerce – After taking no action back in September, the Commerce City Council Tuesday unanimously threw their support behind a sustainable hazardous waste collection center in Hunt County.

The center would be equipped to accept disposal of paint, fertilizer, antifreeze, pesticides, and every day cleaners and chemicals.

Leadership Hunt County 2009 has received a grant in the amount of $295,000 to construct the site, which will be located in Greenville. The funds would also help pay operational costs for the first 18 months of service.

Hunt County cities are being asked to sign a three year contract of support, meaning they'd pay only 18 months worth. Based on population, Commerce $6,300 over the three years. The site will cost all of Hunt County $60,125 each year.

Citizens wanting to dispose of items would need to obtain a voucher from their city of residence on a first come, first serve basis. Based on population, Commerce would be allowed 252 vouchers to distribute to residents each year. The vouchers would allow a county resident to dispose of up to 20 lbs of hazardous waste at the site.

With the exception of Celeste, all Hunt County cities have given their approval to provide their portion of the funding needed.

The facility will be the first county-wide consortium in the North Central Texas Council of Governments. Officials hope to have the facility up and running by the spring.