City to spray for mosquitoes

Commerce – Due to recent rainfall, Commerce officials this week will begin spraying throughout the city for mosquitoes to help control the adult population.

The Public Works Department will be spraying chemicals of low toxicity to people and pets, but are advising against direct contact with the pesticides. Residents are asked to stay indoors when the truck is in your area, otherwise the chemicals will not be distributed.

Crews will be spraying after 7:00 p.m., during peak mosquito biting times.

Resident in section A - the region borders the north side of Live Oak Street and the west side of Park Street - can expect the truck to be in their area on Monday, May 18. Section A will also be sprayed on June 1, June 15 and June 29.

Those living in section B - the region borders the south side of Live Oak Street, north side of Culver St. and west side of Park St. - can expect the truck to be in their area on Tuesday, May 19. Section B will also be sprayed on June 2, June 16 and June 30.

For section D - the region bordering the north side of Maple (Highway 11) and the east side of Park St. - the truck will be spraying your area on Wednesday, May 20. Section D will also be sprayed on June 3, June 17 and July 1.

Section C - the region bordering the south side of Culver St., the east side of Park St. and the south side of Maple St. (Highway 11) - will be sprayed on Thursday, May 21. Section C will also be sprayed on June 4, June 18 and July 2.

Sections C and D have been reversed because of ballgames scheduled at the Eddie Moore Park.

Residents are also advised to bring pet bowls inside during spraying, as well as cover fishponds, as the chemical product is extremely toxic to fish.

More information is available at or by calling the Public Works Department at 903-886-1152.