Collin County confirms one case of H1N1/swine flu

Collin County – A local Texas County is one of the latest schools in the state to have a student test positive for H1N1/swine flu.

"As of yesterday afternoon late we received information that there was a confirmed case in Collin County," says Richard Hill, Hunt County Emergency Management Coordinator.

Wilson Middle School, part of the Plano ISD, has shut down operations beginning today through May 11th. Only one case of H1N1/swine flu was confirmed. It is the only school in the district to close its doors.

Plano ISD has suspended all overnight student travel due to the threat of the virus. The district has also suspended all inside and outside student travel and field trips. Campus-based activities, such as PTA events, concerts, shows and recitals can still take place.

Hunt County still has had no confirmed reports of H1N1/swine flu. With the exception of Collin County, no other counties bordering Hunt County have had any confirmed cases.

WFAA - TV reports two Wise County schools have also closed.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed 28 cases of swine flu in Texas on Friday. The count includes a Mexico City boy who died in Houston.

About 172,000 students are affected by the closures; about 300 campuses remain shut.