Commerce to address K2, sale restrictions

Commerce – The City of Commerce is the latest Texas city to take up the issue of K2, looking to possibly restrict the sale of the product.

The City Council on Tuesday is scheduled to consider approving a first reading prohibiting the sale or delivery of restricted smoking materials to individuals below the age of 21.

K2, when smoked, is said to have a marijuana-like effect. The product can be purchased legally in Texas, but a possible ban on the substance may be addressed when the state legislature meets next year.

Tuesday's agenda item follows recent passage of a first reading by the Sulphur Springs City Council, also restricting sale of the product to anyone under 21, plus banning its sale within 1,000 feet of protected areas such as schools and parks. Last week, the Dallas suburb of Allen voted to ban sale of the product entirely.

Tuesday's meeting of the Commerce City Council begins at 6 p.m. at City Hall.

If approved, passage of a second reading is required for the ordinance to become final.