Commerce Animal Shelter seeks your help

Commerce – The Commerce Animal Shelter is seeking your help this summer season. June is typically said to be a slow month for adoptions, due in part to a lower student population. Shelter representative Benny Chambliss says of the Shelter's 44 kennels, about half are currently occupied.

With an expansion to their existing facilities approximately two years ago, the Commerce Animal Shelter has been able to take in and treat more animals, by more than doubling their amount of kennel space. Chambliss says a majority of pets currently available are dogs. That includes Shepard's, Retrievers, Labradors and Pits, generally mixes of some sort as opposed to purebreds.

According to Chambliss, animals brought in are kept for 72 hours for evaluation before going up for adoption. They're generally kept for seven to ten days thereafter depending on if there's room available. Homes are typically hard to come by, with approximately 75% of pets brought in euthanized because they were neither claimed nor adopted. Information on adopting and images of available pets can be found through the city's animal shelter link, at