Commerce business owner seeks Mayor seat

Scott Harvey

Commerce – Our coverage of next month's municipal elections for Commerce Mayor and Council Seats 2 and 4 continues with Mayoral candidate Tim Johnson. Originally from Paris, Johnson moved to Commerce last May, and now serves as Co-Owner of the Drunken Mule.

As a long time businessman and current owner, Johnson feels it's important to bring new industry to Commerce and fill the vacant buildings throughout parts of the city. He says its essential the city be more receptive to potentially new businesses in helping attract them, a quality he feels is currently lacking. Johnson adds new business will be a vital asset from an entertainment standpoint for citizens, especially young residents. Johnson says he wants to get away from the idea of a commuter town status by bringing in new and entertaining businesses.

Johnson opposes a $3 million bond toward street improvements. He feels more studies should be conducted in regards to water drainage along those streets before declaring a more cost effective way to pay for it, such as state grants. City funds, according to Johnson, also need to be better prioritized and not over spent, as he feels was the case with the new City Hall and Fire/Police Department.

Johnson, along with Place 2 and 4 candidates Chris Ellason and Dr. Bill Taylor would like, if elected, to implement a citizens hotline. This would enable residents to express their opinion in the form of a fax, which can be physically presented to the council and discussed. According to Johnson, it's a better way of getting the citizens involved and hearing and addressing their concerns.

Johnson wants to make clear his reason for running is not to get extended hours for his business to serve and allow consumption of alcohol. He says if elected and the issue was brought up again, his vote wouldn't even count because it would involve his business.

Early voting for the May 10 general elections continues now through Tuesday at Commerce City Hall.

Click the MP3 icon to listen as Tim Johnson talks about the necessity to bring in new and entertaining businesses for our residents.

KETR's coverage of the May 10 municipal elections continues Monday, May 5, as we bring you three additional forums featuring candidates for Mayor and City Council Places 2 and 4.

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Monday: 5 p.m. - 7 p.m. - Mayoral candidates

Wednesday: 5 p.m. - 7 p.m. - Council Place 4 candidates

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