Commerce City Council changes

Commerce, TX –

After Richard Hill and Tony Henry took their seats for their first meeting following Saturday's election, Mayor Sheryl Zelhart presented retired councilwoman Penny Belcher with a framed collection of memorabilia from her 12 years of service. While Belcher left the council, she did agree to serve on the city's board of adjustment.

Henry figured in two decisions during his first meeting. Henry figured in two decisions during his first meeting. As the council deliberated about a no parking zone on one side of Pritchard Road, the street off highway 11 next to the Zurn plant, to keep semis from parking and blocking the vision of other motorists going in and out of the facility, Henry asked about no parking on both sides. Eventually, the council voted unanimously to ban commercial parking on both sides of Pritchard from the highway to 500 feet past the employee entrance.

And Henry volunteered to be one of two city representatives on a 10 member committee being formed to explore long range options for the Commerce City Library.