Commerce City Council to receive City Manger's budget tonight

Commerce – The Commerce City Council meets in regular session tonight and will receive the initial City Manager's budget. City Manager Bill Shipp expects another tight budget year, but won't know final budget numbers until the final tax rolls are received late in July.

SHIPP: I really don't know exactly what our revenues are yet because I don't have those final tax rolls. So when tax rolls do come in later this month, we'll make an adjustment to the budget that we presented to council.

The City Council will also meet in their monthly pre-meeting workshop tonight beginning at 6pm. The workshops come before the first meeting of each month and always include updates on the new city facilities and the strategic plan for Commerce. Tonight, streets will also be discussed.

SHIPP: We'll be going over our streets programs, and how we propose to spend our bond money for streets programs in the city.

Michael Pee Wee Walker will also be named the City Employee of the quarter in regular session tonight. Walker was killed while performing job duties for the City of Commerce.