Commerce Independent School District releases TAKS results

Commerce – The Commerce Independent School District has released the preliminary results of the District's TAKS, or Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills test.

Results proved very positive in the Reading and English/language arts section, with all but two grade levels scoring above the state's average passing rate.

Strong numbers were also apparent in the math section of the test. Most notably, 91% of Commerce eight graders received passing marks in math, outdoing the state average of just 75%.

However, only 53% of tenth graders passed the science section, compared to the state's average of 64%. Third, fifth, and eight graders will have the opportunity to retake certain sections of the TAKS test next month.

Final results will then be released later this summer, which could possibly raise the District's accountability rating from Academically Acceptable to Recognized.

The highest such accountability rating is Exemplary, with the lowest such ranking being Academically unacceptable.

Other notable TAKS scores (Percentages indicate the amount of students who passed in that particular subject):


Grade 3 - 86%
Grade 5 - 83%
Grade 8 - 92%


Grade 5 - 86%
Grade 8 - 85%