Commerce looking to attract retirees<BR>

Scott Harvey

Commerce – The City of Commerce is hoping to become the next State Designated Retirement Community. Since 2005 communities throughout Texas have had the opportunity to apply for certification. If certain criteria are met, the State would advertise the location nationally on the community's behalf. Criteria include, but are not limited to a community's tax structure, emergency and medical services and public transportation. Mayor Pro Tem John Sands says strong qualifiers in and around Commerce include its recreational services.

Other area communities already certified include Winnsboro, Duncanville and Longview. Mt. Vernon and Bonham are just some of the other area communities said to be seeking the same certification. Commerce is in the process of completing its application. They'll hear from the state within 90 days thereafter.

Click the MP3 icon to listen as Mayor Pro Tem John Sands describes how being a certified destination would not only benefit retirees, but Commerce as well.