Commerce Police provide alternative to neighborhood watch program

Scott Harvey

Commerce – The Commerce Police Department has formed a cyber neighborhood and business e-watch. It's designed to provide residents with easy access to crime alerts via the internet. The program was originally created by the Highland Village Police Department north of Dallas and presented during a recent conference. Commerce Police Chief Kerry Crew's thinks this is a faster and more efficient way of getting pertinent information to residents as opposed to traditional neighborhood watch meetings.

The neighborhood and business e-watch will also provide participants with resident surveys and crime prevention and community service messages. Chief Crews did note the department is still working on other means by which to reach those that don't have internet capabilities.

Residents can subscribe by sending an email to

To visit the group, click the following URL: For more information, contact the Commerce Police Department at 903-886-1139.

Click the MP3 icon to listen as Commerce Police Chief Kerry Crews explains why this is a better method than traditional neighborhood watch meetings.