Commerce Police warn residents of scam

Commerce – Commerce residents are being warned against a possible scam involving Wal-Mart gift cards.

Police say a woman speaking with a foreign accent has been calling residents and telling them they've won a store gift card. The woman then proceeds to ask for a bank account number or a credit card number to pay for the shipping of the credit card.

At least three persons have come forward indicating they've received such a call. One person reportedly gave her credit card number but quickly realized that it was a scam and had the card canceled.

Officials are reminding residents never give out your bank account, credit card numbers, or personal information over the phone to a solicitor. If you have won something, the company giving you the price always pays for any shipping or handling and will never request bank or financial information over the phone.

When in doubt of the legitimacy of a solicitor, request that they send you the information in the mail. If they do not know your mailing address, do not give it to them. You may request that they remove you from their list and hang up the phone. Most legitimate companies will have your information already on file.