Commissioners address electronic bracelets for inmates

Hopkins County – Hopkins County Commissioners continue to explore options for controlling overcrowding of its jail facility, most recently during a Wednesday meeting.

Addressed was the possibility of using electronic monitoring bracelets as an alternative option. The ability to do so follows recent approval of House Bill 4216 by Representative Mark Homer for District 3. The bill creates the option of using the bracelets on qualifying defendants.

Officials went over its list of inmates to determine if any qualified to be released and wear the device. Hopkins County Judge Cletus Millsap says, however, few inmates actually made the cut, due to the level of alleged crimes committed by their inmates.

No decision was made as to if the county would use the electronic bracelets, they were just exploring their options, according to Millsap.

The current Hopkins County jail facility has been under remedial order by the Texas Commission on Jail Standards since September, 2008. For the past several months, the county has been in agreement with Franklin and Titus Counties to house inmates in their facilities when the count exceeds 95.

Earlier this year, the county hired an attorney to help in the development of a long range plan for the jail, to be submitted to the Commission on Jail Standards later this year.