Competing Commerce High<BR>athletic posters

Commerce, TX –

A common and recurring problem for high school booster clubs has again reared its ugly head in Commerce. Businesspeople are being reminded to ask a question or two before spending money with someone over the phone or through the mail claiming they're representing booster clubs at Commerce High School.

Jennette Burnett of the CHS Athletic Booster Club says a private company has been soliciting merchants to place ads for the varsity baseball poster and next season's fall sports poster. She says this firm does not represent any organizations at Commerce High. None of the money collected by the outside company has ever been donated to the school.

At Commerce, the athletic booster club contacts local businesses directly, as does the Commerce High cheerleaders when they sell ads for the football program. Regardless of the school, the team or the activity, if you're unsure about the legitimacy of the salesperson, call the school for confirmation before spending any money to make sure you know who benefits.