Cooper: 2A classification does not affect funding, academics

Feb 3, 2012

COMMERCE - Reclassification to 2A does not affect academic offerings or funding for Commerce ISD, according to CISD Superintendent Blake Cooper.

Submitted to KETR:

Cooper said he has received many questions about if AP (Advanced Placement) classes would no longer be offered.

"That is simply not the case. We will continue offering AP classes and will continue to look at opportunities for improvement at all levels. The UIL reclassification does not limit our academic offerings in any way nor does it impact funding," he said.

Over the last 20 years, the cutoff for 3A classification has risen. In 1992-1993 for 3A classification, schools had enrollment of 285 to 714. Just 10 years ago, the 3A range was 345 to 899. This year's range was 450-1004.

"So while our enrollment has essentially remained the same, the cutoff has significantly risen over the years," Cooper added.

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