Cooper man is sentanced on illegal drug charges

Apr 4, 2014

  The 8th Judicial District Judge Eddie Northcutt held trial March 24-25 at the Delta County Courthouse.

According to reports, defendant William Chancellor was tried for a charge of Manufacture/Delivery of a controlled substance from March 27, 2013 and being involved in the selling of a controlled substance (methamphetamines) to a confidential informant.

This arrest was part of an early 2013 four month investigation conducted by the Delta County Sheriff’s Office and the Hopkins County Special Crimes unit. The overall investigation resulted in the arrest of 24 persons on 34 separate charges.

The trial resulted in a guilty verdict on William Chancellor and the assessment of the maximum penalty in this case, two years in state jail. The jury deliberated only eight minutes during the determination of guilt or innocence.

Delta County Sheriff Ricky Smith stated, “I am extremely proud of this verdict, law enforcement has worked very hard in Delta County to address the drug problem. A verdict such as this delivers the final part of our continued message of, be prepared to go to jail and pay a significant penalty if you mess with illegal drugs in Delta County.”

He went on to show his appreciation for those crucial in putting Chancellor behind bars.

“I am extremely proud of our District Judge, Eddie Northcutt, and our District Attorney Will Ramsey.

Judge Northcutt runs a very thorough and professional courtroom and maintains a consistent atmosphere of fairness and impartiality as he presides over the court. Our District Attorney Will Ramsey did an outstanding job of presenting the case, examining witnesses and presenting evidence,” said Sheriff Smith.