Council to consider Charter Review recommendations

Commerce – The Commerce City Council is scheduled Tuesday to consider approval of any of a number of proposed changes to its city charter.

Last month, the Charter Review Committee proposed changes to four of the city's seven charter articles. Council now has the authority to vote for or against any of the four which, if passed, would go before voters in May for final approval.

One proposed amendment would give council the authority to remove its city manager by three-fifths, rather than four-fifths majority vote. Other amendments address a council member's forfeiture of office, new regulations on the passage of ordinances and resolutions and the annual budget.

The City's Charter Review Committee is made up of local citizens and civic leaders. They include Committee Chair Jason Cunningham, Bob Clark, John Sands, Barbara Kersey, Trezzie Presley, Walton Nelson, Robin Alexander, Penny Belcher, Lovell Hendricks and Charles Elliot.

The council meets Tuesday at 6 p.m. at City Hall.