Council looks to do away with roadside pet shops

Greenville – There may be an end to roadside pet shops in Greenville. The practice of setting up shops in the area parking lots and selling dogs and cats may soon be prohibited.

The Greenville City Council intents to ban the practice by amending the city's itinerant vendor ordinance. The Council is scheduled to conduct a public hearing on the issue prior to taking vote during Tuesday's regular session. The new regulations would make it unlawful to engage in the sale, barter, trade, or giving away of any animal along any street, roadway or right-of-way; or from any parking lot along any street or roadway.

The ordinance is in response to a number of complaints the city has received, as well as enforcement problems regarding the roadside sale of animals.

Click the MP3 icon to listen as KETR's Greenville Correspondent Brad Kellar reports.