County Puts Support to Murrays

Dec 3, 2015

In last Monday’s regular meeting of the Delta County Commissioners Court, the County opted to put their votes for the Delta County Appraisal District Board to Delta County Judge Jason Murray and to Shawn Murray, splitting their votes less in order to have the most influence.

Delta County puts support behind Delta County Judge Jason Murray and resident Shawn Murray for Delta County Appraisal Board.
Credit Cindy Roller / Cooper Review

Ralph Price approached the Court with his presentation to upgrade the WAVE instant notification system at the Courthouse. The current emergency silent alarm buttons are not always functioning properly and the ceramic capacitors are unable to be replaced according to Price. The upgrade he proposed would allow for use of better technology utilizing cell phones via text messaging. This would not only alert the Delta County Sheriff’s officers but also other offices located in the Courthouse of a “lockdown” situation. The item was tabled pending more research.

Dr. Delbert Horton reported on the Community Action Committee (CAC) being formed to help “clean-up Delta County.” The County considered the cost of placement of dumpsters at the County barns on a regular basis.

Delta County Precinct 3 Commissioner Loyd Vandygriff presented his on-site sewage facilities permit application for Precinct 3, into the minutes.

Delta County Sheriff Ricky Smith offered bids for the roofing repairs needed for the Jail. He submitted a sample of the rubber material desired to alleviate the problems. He proposed a way to fund the repairs with a grant that was approved by the Court.