Crews finalizing plans for sacred ceremony

Greenville – The City of Greenville continues preparations for Wednesday morning's official naming and dedication ceremony for the sacred white buffalo calf.

Arby Little Soldier, owner of the Lakota Buffalo Ranch, along with Native American elders from surrounding states will perform the official ceremony on horseback in full Native American regalia.

Greenville Chamber of Commerce Communications Director Micah Nichols says, "He [Arby] knew that it was a big deal. He was aware of that. But he didn't realize just how big it was going to be. So he came to us [The Chamber] and the community has just come together amazingly."

Individuals and groups from 14 other states and Canada have confirmed their attendance for tomorrow event, beginning at 9 a.m. from the Lakota Buffalo Ranch, located west of Greenville along Highway 380.

Considered sacred by Native Americans, the calf will be named Lightning Medicine Cloud in recognition of the circumstances of his birth, which itself is a one-in-ten-million occurrence. More information is available at

The Lakota Buffalo Ranch is located at 2888 Highway 380, about ten miles west of Greenville.

Parking will be available for the media at a special entrance (which will be clearly marked as media/RV/Vendor entrance). A flatbed trailer near the parking area will be in place for media to get cameras above the crowd. It will be situated to face the stage and the sacred ground where the calf will be named.

"When you see all the people who are involved it's absolutely amazing," Nichols said. "Because we have homeland security, we have police departments, fire departments; we have people helping with signage. Port-o-potties, vendors, there's just all these different things and this has come together in just a matter of weeks."

The ceremony is open to the public and will be followed by gourd dancing, ceremonial drums, and food and craft vendors. The event will also feature a military flyover.