Davis gains three votes in recount, earns council seat

Greenville (12:20 p.m.) – Upon further review, officials have declared Sue Davis the winner of the Commerce City Council Place 4 seat, winning by two votes.

Davis had requested a recount last week after the initial figures indicated she was defeated by Incumbent Bob Monday by one vote, 236-235.

But Monday morning's recount at the Hunt County Voter Administration Office indicated three ballots were counted incorrectly, giving Davis the victory 238-236.

"I'm pleased. I am really pleased," said Davis. "I wanted it so badly and I just felt like I needed a recount; that one vote I didn't feel was a thing I wanted to end this with."

Officials spotted the three vote error in the early voting stage of the recount. Elections Administrator Mina Cook then requested another recount of the early votes, and the error was confirmed.

The Commerce City Council agenda for Tuesday indicates Davis, along with Place 2 winner Douglas Rohrabaugh, will be sworn in that evening.

Davis hopes the council can work in unison on issues affecting the city.

"I just want some cohesiveness. That's the main thing. I just think everyone needs to work together on the city council and I am going to try my best to get it to that place."

Davis also hopes voter apathy in Commerce can dissolve over time, as only 474 total votes were cast for the Place 4 seat. She encourages more people to get out and vote in the future.

"Every vote counts. You've always heard, why go to the polls? One vote is not going to make a difference. Well, as we can see, one vote made the difference. A huge difference. And as it turned out, it was two votes."